Guide: Most popular kitchen remodeling trends in 2019 going into 2020

We’re almost there; the end of this year 2019! Wow! How time flies right? Halloween is up next, then Thanksgiving, some Christmas shopping, New Year’s… and poof! 2019 is done.

So, if you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade your kitchen, then we have a few tips that we think will help you. We’ll also share a few of the most popular trends for 2020.

By arming yourself with this information, what’s hot and in style etc, you’ll be able to plan and budget for a beautiful kitchen that you and your family will not only enjoy, but also be happy with.

After all, that’s the plan correct?

Good. Let’s take a look.

The hottest trends in kitchen flooring

When it comes to flooring, the options are endless. However, vinyl flooring is quite the trend this year, 2019, but will continue to be in 2020.


Cost!… Vinyl is available in hundreds of colors, styles, and textures. This allows you to truly personalize your new kitchen to your exact specifications. Vinyl is also easy to clean, waterproof, stain resistant, durable, and quite affordable.

Some of the most popular shades for 2019 include the colors blond, honey, gray, expresso, high variation, and traditional white.

Although vinyl is trending in 2019, laminate and Pergo flooring is also a popular choice for homeowners this year and 2020. Laminate is waterproof, stain-resistant, durable, requires little maintenance, and easy on the pocketbook.

The thing that homeowners really like about laminate is that this material has a real wood-like appearance that’s just beautiful.

Now you can have that refined look without all the necessary maintenance that real hardwood floors require.

Lastly, eco-friendly kitchen flooring has also become a very trendy choice this year.

What do we mean by eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly flooring is typically manufactured out of recycled products or used from materials taken from sustainable sources. Some of the most common eco-friendly flooring products include non-toxic cork, hardwood obtained from forests with strict standards of sustainability, carpet made with corn sugar fibers instead of nylon fibers, and a wood pulp and stone dust mixture.

If you’re wondering what companies manufacture these trendy kitchen flooring options, there’s many to choose from. Armstrong flooring is one of the most common manufactures of vinyl flooring. Armstrong offers their customers a wide array of unique patterns that other companies just don’t make. Pergo is a brand that’s been getting a lot of recognition lately as well.

Pergo flooring makes top-of-the-line laminate flooring for people who are on a limited budget. They’ll even stand by their product for 30 years. Now, as far as eco-friendly flooring, Globus Cork is an up and coming company that sells some of the very best in recycled cork flooring. With more than 40 interchangeable colors, finding the right color for your kitchen while also helping keep the world a cleaner place to live isn’t a hard job.

The hottest trends for kitchen countertops

So far in 2019, quartz countertops and quartz vanities are continuing to increase in popularity while granite is becoming a thing of the past. Quartz doesn’t have to be sealed regularly like granite, and because of granite’s porous surface, it can collect bacteria much easier than quartz.

Quartz promotes a healthier environment, it’s easier to maintain, and there’s hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns to choose from.

Another popular 2020 trend coming for kitchen countertops are hones and leather textured surfaces.

A honed textured surface features a matte finish with little or no shine to it. Leather surfaces on the other hand have a lighter sheen with a different textured surface.

The best thing about hones and leather textured surfaces is that they can be applied to quartz, granite, and even marble. Although hones and leather textures are in demand this year, polished countertop surfaces are also maintaining their popularity too. It really broils down to personal preference.

Realistic veining is yet another popular trend for countertops in 2019 and 2020. Realistic veining is a unique pattern found in quartz, and it literally resembles large veins running and swirling through the surface of the countertop. This unique pattern can really add that special look to your newly designed kitchen. White colored countertops with black or grayish veins really go well together. This can also be said about darkish colored countertops with light blue veins and greenish colored countertops with blackish veins. The options are endless.

Lastly, soft neutral tones like soft grays and cream-colored whites have become more popular in 2019 than bright blues, yellows, and reds. These soft, neutral tones go very well in kitchens with a lot of natural lighting and colorful backsplashes. You really need to experiment and see what works best. Play around with it and have fun until you kind the perfect combination for your kitchen.

The hottest trends for kitchen cabinetry

Just as with kitchen flooring and countertops, kitchen cabinets are also seeing their fair share of trends of 2019. One design that’s become quite popular is open shelving. Open shelves are stylish and convenient. They look great and grabbing a glass or a pan is much easier when you don’t have to open up a cabinets door.

This trendy shelving style is also great for homeowners who have small kitchens. Why? Open shelves give the illusion of having more space than what’s actually there. In addition to this, open shelves tend to cost a lot less than fully, custom wood cabinetry. That’ll give you more money to put towards other areas of your kitchen remodeling project.

Another popular trend for cabinetry this year is color customization. For years, homeowners went with traditional colors for their cabinets. However, the trend this year is choosing more custom colors for your cabinetry. This allows homeowners to personalize their kitchens even more than they have before. From simple grays to stylish blues, you can choose just about any color you want.

A third trend taking place in the world of cabinetry is the use of oak. Why? Oak cabinets have that natural, restored look that can really give your kitchen that special look you’ve always wanted. Oak cabinets also typically last a lifetime if taken care of properly. The only downside to oak is the expense. Although fully custom oak cabinets tend to cost quite a bit, most homeowners feel they are definitely worth the money.

The hottest trends for kitchen appliances

Tall column refrigerators have become more popular in 2019 than ever before. What’s the appeal? The reason why people are choosing tall column fridges is because they take up less floor space making them a great pick for smaller and more compact kitchens.

Another kind of refrigerator that’s become quite a trend in 2019 is the smart refrigerator. For example, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator features a 21.5 inch touchscreen that allows you to surf the web, check your favorite social media sites, and even send an email. That’s just the beginning. In addition to this, this new Samsung smart fridge has integrated ingredient-tracking cameras that give you the ability to see inside your refrigerator without having to open up the door. You can even take a picture of your food and add a digital expiration date to it as well. The things you can do with this smart refrigerator is absolutely amazing.

Besides refrigerators, microwaves are also becoming smart. The AmazonBasics Microwave is an amazing appliance that’s been gaining popularity in 2019. This microwave responds to Alexa voice commands for your convenience. It’s that easy. This is just one kind of smart microwave on the market. There’s several others made by Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, and Panasonic just to name a few.

Stoves and ovens are being built with smart features as well. Many of these appliances  be controlled by an app on your phone. Want your oven preheated by the time you get home from work? Simply use the app to turn it on. You can even be miles away, and it’ll still work. Maybe you forgot to turn your stove off. You can turn it off by simply using the app. It’s that convent. If you’re interested in a smart oven or stove, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and GE have several quality models on the market right now definitely worth looking into.

Lastly, many kitchens in 2019 are seeing the use of smart kitchen lighting. Although smart lighting was introduced in recent years, it’s popularity continues to jump even more this year. With the use of app or using Alexa voice commands, you can turn on the lighting in your kitchen before you get home. This will make carrying in your groceries much easier.

A final thought

With all these new trends and convenient appliances, there’s no reason you can’t have the nicest kitchen on your block. Remodeling your kitchen is a serious commitment, so why not design it to your full satisfaction while also making it as comfortable and convenient as possible? Remember, it’s your kitchen, so design it to your likings and enjoy the process.

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