Kitchen Storage Tips and Ideas

Clean, neat, beautiful, organized kitchens can make cooking and being in the kitchen a cathartic experience. Cluttered kitchens on the other hand can make you want to eat out every day just so that you barely spend any time in the kitchen.

These are kitchen storage tips that you can implement instead of remodeling your kitchen to de-clutter it. In addition to kitchen drawer storage ideas, we’ve included 10 other fantastic storage options to turn your kitchen into a space where you can get your Gordon Ramsey on.

1. Above the window

Kitchen storage design usually doesn’t include space above the window. It can come in the form of a rack, shelf, rod, or cabinets. Since you most likely will have to use a chair or hop every time you need to get something from there, it would be better to use this space for pretty pieces that you rarely use or to feature art like word pictures or photos.

A vintage tea set like the one below is something that you wouldn’t use often but would love to have on display and it would be safe from clumsy hands.

2. Pegboard

Pegboards are God’s gift to kitchens especially in homes where you get frequent guests such as Airbnb lets. The guests can quickly find what it is they’re looking for without having to rummage through all the drawers and cabinets before they finally find the spatula! Argh, don’t you hate it when that happens??

The pegboards can be designed to act as a centerpiece or bring aesthetic appeal to the kitchen. You can also add plants like the Moneymaker to bring in a feel of nature into the kitchen.

If you’re a glutton for kitchen storage and organization, you can add baskets to your pegboard. Pegboards can be diverse and a fun, easy DIY project to take on. It’s to your advantage if you make the peg board highly functional by pegging utensils and spices that you frequently use such as salt.

3. Jars and containers

Rather than leaving your grains, spaghetti, rice, etc in the packaging that they came in and having to roll the packets closed every time you use them, you can store them in glass jars and containers. Not only will they minimize space used but they’ll preserve your foodstuff for longer and protect your foodstuff from the evil weevil.

The containers also help to keep your space clean. The containers can have a measuring cup to scoop out the flour that you need instead of pouring from the mouth of the packet which tends to be messy.

Again, like most of the storage suggested here, with labeled glass jars and containers, you can quickly identify what it is you’re looking.

4. Floating wooden shelves

These are cute alternatives to kitchen cabinets drawers. In fact, if you have cabinets, you can remove them and replace them with floating wooden shelves. Just like an open kitchen in comparison to a walled in kitchen, when floating shelves are compared to cabinets, they make a kitchen look spacious and airy. 

Floating shelves are one of the most affordable options, they’re a great DIY project and you can really get creative with the type of material you’ll use and the style.  You can use glass, reclaimed wood, metal, stone, etc.

This type of storage can be fashioned to fit into the space you have. You can put them in corners, they don’t have to be straight and neither do they have to be flat. They can also be hollow and used to shelve cooking books and plants. You can also attach hooks below them to add more storage. 

5. Behind the Kitchen Door

Now, this is a storage plan. You have multiple options with this; you can hang an organizer that takes up all the space behind the door. They come in so many designs and can be bought on Amazon, other online stores or even at physical locations like kitchen or house stores.

Apart from an organizer, you can hang crates, baskets or cubbies on the back of the door. You can also hang hooks. Rods can be used to store kitchen towels. The rods can also be fitted with S hooks and used to hang pots and pans.

You can install floating shelves but since you open and close the door a lot, deep shelves would work best so that items wouldn’t keep falling off.

6. A kitchen cart

A mobile cart is convenient. Because of its wheels, you can also use it to take dishes and food to the dining table and bring back used utensils that need to be washed. You can also use it to create space as you’re washing a huge pile of dishes by stacking the clean ones like the plates and cutlery in the cart, thus leaving room for other utensils like pots and pans.

It’s also handy when you’re cooking. You can roll it to the pantry, pick the items that you need and move them in one go to where you’ll be using them. Once you’re done, wheel them back to the pantry. 

The cart doesn’t necessarily have to be mobile. You can get a stationary one that can be placed in a nook in the kitchen. 

7. The inner door of your cabinets

When you think about it, the inner door of your cabinets, just like the back of your kitchen door, provides a lot of real estate that can be used as storage. If you line your cabinet doors with cork board, you can insert push pins in rows and hang utensil from the thumb tacks.

If done neatly, each cabinet door can be assigned similar utensils so that they all look organized and it makes it easier to locate what you’re looking for. One door could be for measuring spoons, another for knives, etc.

We’re not yet done with the cabinet doors. Instead of cork board, you can hang a rack/ organizer under your sink where you can store your soaps and sponge. So instead of having a crowded sink, your soaps and sponges are neatly tucked away underneath the sink where you can easily access them.

Another way to make use of your cabinet doors is to nail a rod across a cabinet or hang an over the door towel hanger that you can use for your kitchen towels.

8. Slide out pantry

This is genius! Whoever designed this deserves an award. The beauty about this type of kitchen pantry storage is it is hidden and can store a lot. You can fit jars and jars of foodstuff. Pictures of slide out pantry shelves actually look like home owners are stocking up for the end of days.

You can fit it between your fridge and a wall or a long cabinet and a wall. It can have racks or shelves. It can have wheels so you can roll it towards wherever you need it when you’re prepping or cooking. 

9. Drawer organizers

Drawer organizers create storage for kitchen cabinets drawers and like the slide out pantry, they make use of a very small space. Some will prefer it more for the organization it brings than the storage it creates.

There are very many variations of drawer organizers. Some are for storing spices, others have hooks at the bottom of them which allow you to hang pans. There’s something for everyone.

10. Pan racks

This is another gift to mankind and all cooks everywhere. Trying to access the larger pots at the bottom of a pile at the back of a cabinet is always a pain in the behind and the loud clanging of the pots hitting each other as you’re trying to access them just makes it more irritating. 

These metal racks have dividers with enough space to fit a pot or a pan or a girdle or other cooking utensils. The dividers can come in a variety of numbers. Some have 4 dividers, some 5, etc. Since the pots aren’t stacked on top of the other, you don’t have wrestle with the pots before you finally pull out the one that you want. It’s also a quiet process. No more waking up everyone in the house and the neighbor’s dogs when you’re trying to get a cooking pot. 

10. Sponge and brush holder

I had to end with this one. You have a beautiful, catch-your-breathe kind of sink but no place to put your sponges, brushes and soap so you use an old margarine container to hold these things but it looks out of place in your kitchen. In fact, that small container is just ruining the vibe of your kitchen. Throw it out. 

Get a sponge and brush holder to replace the container. You can even mount it on the wall above the sink so that those items don’t take up space or make the sink look cluttered.

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