Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Low Ceilings

I know how you feel! Having a low ceiling makes it a bit tricky to use traditional methods of lighting like chandeliers or hanging ceiling lights. On average, the ceiling height of a home is 8 feet, so many of us don’t live in places with super high ceilings.

As a result, we must add lighting fixtures to rooms, so it gives a perception of height and makes the room feel big and spacious.

Good lighting in the kitchen is especially important. A kitchen is a place where we gather to prepare meals, eat, laugh, and even do homework on the kitchen table. As a result, having enough lighting is critical so the space is functional but also welcoming and pleasant.

You need a light over the kitchen sink to see what you’re doing. Perhaps you would like a fixture over the kitchen island if you have one. Recessed canned lighting is great to ensure the whole space is brightened up.

a photo of a kitchen showing the best lighting for low ceilings

25 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1. Ceiling Fan

Does your kitchen have a low ceiling? Low profile light fixtures are the way to go because they offer an image of more height. A ceiling fan that has a nice shape and silhouette is a great choice.

It adds ambient light to the living room and the air flows nicer in such a room thanks to the fan. Check out this great Hunter ceiling fan for one idea.

2. Hexagon Touch Lights

Have you ever seen these cool modular style touch lights? Check out our Helios Touch review and see if something like this might make sense for your type of kitchen and design.

These make awesome night lights! So when you walk into your kitchen in search of that perfect midnight snack 😉 you can just glide your hand on the wall – and light up the place!

3. Minimalist Circular Light

A minimalist circular light is a great option for your kitchen. A light that has a frosted diffuser is great because it makes for an atmosphere conducive to reading, eating and chatting with others.

Place it in the main seating area for the best effect. Try out this particular light from Progress Lighting – it is a timeless light fixture that looks great anywhere.

4. LED Group Lights

You can arrange three large LED flush mount lights together closely. Choose different colors and choose ones that feature a bell shape, so the light goes downward and reflects off the shade to provide illumination that’s ambient and beautiful. One option is this light which has a beautiful shade around it.

5. Sconce Lights

A low ceiling kitchen does well with lighting sconces. Place them at either end of your dining table to provide ambient lighting for everyone involved. These LED sconces are a great way to get started.

6. Semi Flush Mount Fixtures

Semi-flush mount fixtures are another great way to make your kitchen look great. They offer the illusion that the place is actually taller than it is.

But you still get the illumination you desire. Look for a fixture that has accents of brass. Add a dimmer switch so you can choose the amount of light you want. Try this light.

7. Chandelier

If you have a breakfast nook then try adding a chandelier over it. Not just any chandelier, however- try a contemporary model like this one. This makes the space much cozier and adds a stylish feel to the area.

8. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights in the shape of a sculpture add a neat conversation piece to your kitchen. Make sure you don’t hang it so low that it will be in your way. You can even hang two or more in line with one another, so it looks like you have a longer kitchen.

9. Clear Glass Lights

Clear glass lights offer the illusion of greater space and give you an open air feeling. It’s great for rooms that have lots of window space because it will make the kitchen look bigger than it really is. Glass is the name of the game when you are working with low ceilings.

One home design trick is that when contractors are building a low ceiling, they add in lots of glass such as glass doors. The reason being is that it creates the illusion of space and takes eyes off of the ceiling.

10.Drum Pendant Lights

Use drum pendant lights to add to your task lighting, especially over your island. Then add in some recessed lighting for an ambient effect, this won’t take away from the ambience of your beautiful pendant lights.

11. Multiple Lighted Flush Mount Fixtures

Multiple lighted flush mount fixtures are a great idea. They give you the chance to splash light all over the room with just a single fixture. This particular model looks cool and old but is timeless in its design. Flush mounts are a top source of ambient illumination.

Even the darkest kitchens will enjoy a bright and sunny atmosphere with this style of light. Sure, many of us think about outdated “boob lights” but these fixtures have come far since then. Look for a fixture that has a faceted shade. The larger glass panes are better at casting light around the room itself.

12. Layer It Up

Don’t put all your focus on a single element of lighting. Illuminate a dark room using bulbs of varying heights with different sources. This gets rid of all the dark corners but doesn’t increase bulb wattages.

If you position this sort of ambient light just above eye level while standing and seated, the effect is amplified and looks great. Table or sconce lighting is the way to go. Don’t underestimate the power of a good table lamp.

13. Crystal Pendant

Use a crystal pendant light to brighten up your low ceiling kitchen. They make your room feel open and big. You can easily turn your kitchen into a place that feels like a million dollars without spending a ton of money. Hang three in a row over your kitchen island for a beautiful effect.

14. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is great if you have a kitchen with low ceilings because you don’t need to use up any more room than necessary. Place the lights in a manner that is evenly spaced out. You can also position them around the room’s perimeter. It will look put together and illuminate everything for you.

Recessed lighting makes the ambiance brighter and mimics daylight. They are better than the cumbersome can lighting of the 90’s as they are seamless. You notice the effect of the lights and not their size.

Go for kits that offer four inches in diameter but feature a wide beam span. Then place them, spacing them out every four feet using a grid pattern.  The output really matters. It makes you feel like natural light is pouring into the kitchen when it really isn’t.

15. Artistic Piece of Lighting

If you have low ceilings try an artistic piece of lighting. This makes the space look decorated without the need to add on other wall hangings or knick-knacks. A light that has a unique shape or pattern adds flair to your space and gives your guests something to talk about.

Lighting fixtures such as this one is great because you will focus your eyes on the art piece. This lets the low ceiling fade into the background and puts the focus instead on your beautiful and unique light.

16. Position Matters

Make sure your positioning is correct when you hang up your kitchen lights, especially if you are using pendant lights. Rounded or small flowing pendants are great because they don’t take up lots of room nor do they clog up the visual depth of your space.

Do your best to ensure the pendant’s height isn’t using headspace when you or your family stands or sits.

17. Make A Statement with Your Low Ceiling

Do this by picking out pendant lighting fixtures that contrast with the countertop or the wall. For example, if you have a kitchen that is mostly white, choose a dark or chrome shade of pendant so it stands out in a positive way.

18. Look For Skinny And Sleek Pendant Lights

Cone-shaped and linear forms are great since they create the look that your space is bigger than it really is. Another great idea is to use under cabinet lighting. You can add light layers, but you don’t need to worry about taking up space on the ceiling.

Just be sure to choose the sort of light that works well in your particular space and shows your personal style. Also, make sure you hang pendant lights above your furniture.

Remember, hanging them over a kitchen island or a table is the best idea because they make a statement and look great, but you don’t have to worry about anyone walking into the fixtures.

19. It’s OK to Choose Dark Colors

Most of the time we opt for white in small spaces because it gives you a feeling of openness. But don’t be afraid to opt for darker shades of paint on the walls and ceiling or to choose darker colored light fixtures. For example, a shade of lamp that is deep blue can make it feel cozy.

20.Use A Floor Lamp

Don’t use one that points downward. Look for one that diffuses light in every direction and has a semitransparent shade. It’s great because it gives the room a cozy feel.

21. Create Illusion

You can create the illusion your ceilings are higher than they really are by putting together three pendants or more that bring light around the entire room. You can arrange the fixtures in a linear manner and put them at different lengths.

This gives you a contemporary and unique look that looks really great over your kitchen island. Dimmers are a necessity if you have them over your dining table because it helps you control the mood of the light.

22. White Sphere Pendant Light

A White sphere pendant light is great because it creates a warm place where you can relax, read, eat and more in a place that’s calm and relaxed. Make sure you hang it with enough space to go over your dining area.

23. Try to Look for A Pendant Light That Sends Light in All Directions

If you have a table in the corner, try hanging a pendant light there behind your seating arrangement as a means of providing ambient illumination during conversations and visits. It’s great because it won’t block anybody’s view as they talk to one another.

24. Metal Accents

Flush mount ceiling lights with metal accents that match the rest of the kitchen are another good idea. You can put multiple of these lights in a line as a means of ensuring adequate lighting for your particular space.

25. Increase the Amount of Wall Lights You Have

Take away the need to install and maintain a ton of ceiling lights that bring attention to your low ceiling by putting in some wall lights. These are simple and easy to install with the help of an electrician. They offer your room a pleasant symmetry.

You could also opt for plug-in wall lights if you don’t want to hire an electrician. Try to look for ones that have a stylized cord, so it looks good when plugged into your outlets. This is a two-pack of lights that feature a stylish cord and a timeless design that will look great in just about any kitchen you can imagine.


We hope you have enjoyed this journey through top kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings. Your low ceiling should not be a barrier to offering your family and guests a well-lit and lively place to eat, talk, and hang out.

Best of all, you can choose from traditional light fixtures or even artistic models that lend a quirky but fun touch to your kitchen. They all do a great job of making this oft-used home space inviting and fun.

The sky is really the limit, and thanks to the affordable prices on Amazon, you can have whatever type of light you want without taking out a second mortgage.

So, don’t let low ceilings be a barrier to making your home just the way you want it. Shop around, choose your favorites and let the lights do all the talking!

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