Integrating technology into your kitchen

Kitchen technology has definitely evolved over the years. At one time, the kitchen was simply a room to cook and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today, kitchens are being designed to do much more including throwing socializing, video chatting, browsing the internet, watching movies, getting the latest news, paying your monthly bills, helping your kids with their homework, and even doing your online shopping. The options are pretty much endless. 

In addition to this, new technology also makes life easier and increases the overall functionality of a kitchen. This is mainly due to the presence of Wi-Fi connected appliances. From voice activation features to smartphone apps to beautiful high-definition screens and much more, the ability to have more control over your appliances is now a reality. The best part? Homes that have newer designs and technology tend to sell for a lot more than homes with outdated kitchens. If you ever decide to put your house on the market, you just might get more than you originally paid for it. 

Updating your kitchen with newer technology is a fantastic investment definitely worth the money. If your kitchen is outdated, you might want to think about incorporating newer technology. You’ll be glad you did. Listed below are some of the best choices in smart kitchen technology. 

Smart Microwaves 

For any homeowner who really enjoys new technology in the kitchen, smart microwaves are fantastic appliances. Although the specifics will vary per model, most smart microwaves have a wide array of features for your convenience and overall user experience. Some of these include:

  • LED touchscreen interface
  • Proximity sensors with adapting displays 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Voice control systems with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant 
  • Downloadable apps that allow you to start your microwave with the use of your mobile device, even when you’re miles away
  • Barcode scanners that search for cooking instructions and recipes over the web 
  • Energy saving technology that can help you save on your monthly electricity bills 

These are just a few of the many options that are found on most smart microwaves. Smart microwaves tend to cost more than traditional microwaves, but they’re definitely worth the money. 

Smart Stoves 

Much like smart microwaves, the smart stoves have many of the same features. They can connect to Wi-Fi, they have voice activation technology built into them, they can be controlled by an app from your mobile device, and many models also use a touchscreen interface. By incorporating this kind of technology into your kitchen, you can easily be sure your oven is preheated by the time you get home from work. It’s that simple. Want to know how much cooking time you have left? How about the temperature? Just ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant once they’re synced. After you’ve had the pleasure of using a smart stove, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional model ever again. 

Smart Refrigerators 

If you think smart microwaves and stoves are cool, then you’re going to absolutely love smart refrigerators. Most smart refrigerators come with built-in LED, high-definition touchscreens that give you the ability to perform a wide selection of tasks including: 

  • Video calling 
  • Surfing the web
  • Play cartoons for children 
  • Get the latest news 
  • Create a budget 
  • Download games and other apps 
  • Keeping a record of expiration dates 
  • Checking your social media accounts
  • Sending emails
  • Watching television
  • Shopping online including all your grocery needs 
  • Searching for recipes and cooking instructions

These are just a few of the things that a smart refrigerator can do. Some models will even send you alerts to your smartphone and allow you to create your own personal reminders too. Just imaging having a refrigerator that reminds you to pick up milk and eggs the next time you go to the store or to put the turkey in the oven at a specific time. Now, that’s an efficient refrigerator. 

Smart Dishwashers 

Smart dishwashers are definitely worth the upgrade. These clever appliances connect to Wi-Fi and give you the ability to monitor, start, and end your wash cycles right from your mobile device. For the safety of children, some smart dishwashers even allow you to lock the door from your phone. 

Most smart dishwashers can also be controlled by using voice commands powered by either Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. For harder to clean dishes, there are special wash cycles you can download to the appliance for advanced cleaning. 

Smart Coffee Makers 

Smart coffee makers are a great choice for forgetful homeowners and homeowners who love to have guests over to their home. Most smart coffee makers on the market today can be controlled using voice commands or the use of an app. By using the associated app, you can turn your coffee maker on and off from miles away, control the strength of the coffee and the temperature at which it brews at, save your favorite brews, and even order more coffee when your supply is low. You’ll never have to worry about running out, and the coffee you brew will be made to your exact liking. 

Smart Crock Pot 

Being able to turn on your crock pot and adjust the temperature miles from home with the use of an app on your mobile device can really come in handy, especially for people who have to regularly work late. With the associated app, you can switch from the ‘cooking’ setting to the ‘keep warm’ setting in no time. Some models even allow you to program in specific schedules, alerts, and notify you when your dinner is complete. 

Smart Thermometers 

Even cooking utensils are getting built with the latest technology. For instance, there are several smart thermometers on the market definitely worth the investment. Most of these thermometers allow you to download an app and monitor the temperature of your dish from your favorite mobile device. You can even set temperature alarms, record temperature data, share your data on social media, connect to several devices, and monitor multiple dishes at once. Specific features will vary by brand and device, but you get the idea. 

Smart Lighting 

It’s not just appliances that are getting smarter. Lights are also getting smarter as well. The ability to control your kitchen lights, their brightness, their color, and even their overall style directly from your mobile device is upon us. Walking into your home after dark and trying to find a light switch can get quite frustrating, especially when your hands are full. By using a simple app on your mobile device, you can turn the lights in your kitchen before you even get inside. Now, that’s convenient. No more fumbling in the dark looking for that light switch or stumbling over someone else’s shoes. Some smart lighting can even be controlled by voice commands with the use of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Smart Glass 

Smart glass is probably one of the most effective and useful technologies designed in the past few years. This WiFi-connected smart glass allows you to adjust the tint level with the use of an app on any one of your mobile devices. You can even program your smart glass to tint at a certain time of the day or when the brightness reaches a certain level.

Although this technology is expensive, it’s definitely worth the money. Why? First, over the years, direct sunlight can fade the color of your countertops. Although sealing your surfaces is a great choice, it’s not always enough. By programming your smart windows to tint when the sun is at full peak, you can help preserve the color of your countertops. Second, by tinting your smart glass when the sun is the brightest, your home will stay cooler in the summer. As a result, you just might see your monthly electricity bills decrease. Third, smart glass allows you to eliminate the need for shades or curtains. Both shades and curtains are a hassle to use, replace, and clean. Eliminate the trouble by integrating smart glass into your kitchen. You’ll be glad you did. 

A final word of advice 

When choosing the right smart kitchen technology for your home, always consider your lifestyle, your family’s needs, and your personal preferences. For example, if you have several young children in your household, you may want to invest in a smart refrigerator that plays television shows and videos. Entertaining your kids with cartoons or other children shows while they eat may keep them occupied while you take care of any chores that need to be completed.

On the other hand, if you live alone and work a variety of hours, a smart stove or a smart crock-pot may be a good option for you. These smart appliances give you the ability to turn them on and have dinner warm and ready by the time you arrive home. If you know you’re going to be late, simply turn these appliances off with the same app. It’s that simple. Make your life easier by taking advantage of all the benefits smart technology has to offer.