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Hexagon Lights To Make Your Space Feel Great!

So you want to enhance your space? Trust me, you’ll most certainly make an impression with any of these hexagon lights. These are some of the best hexagon lights we’ve found for sale and we’ve made it super easy for you to navigate our top picks.

Hexagon Lights For...?

Hexagon Lights For Wall

These hexagon wall lights are super fun! And not only for you, but your guests too! Once they figure out you can touch these lights and make them come on, they won’t stop. That actually happened to me when I bought the helios touch lights.

Although these are perfect to decorate any wall, they can be used in your kitchen, closet, or even in your attic for an easy hand-gliding illuminating experience (…um that just means “turning the lights on” lol).

This next set delivers the same amount of fun as the first. Turn up the party or your inner inspiration with these cool hexagon lights for wall. The number of color combinations and features are too many to describe here. But if you’re looking to have the coolest set of hex lights hanging on your wall, guess what?

As you may have already figured it out, most of these hexagon lights come with remote controls, along with a ton of different features from timers, to color combinations, to endless fun.

Honestly, during the first few days of owning these, you’ll have to stop yourself from wasting so much time fiddling with the remote and all the different light displays.

Hexagon Lights For Garage

Talk about making an impression on family and friends when you show them these new hexagon lights in the garage. You have to admit, these will look fantastic in your garage. What do you think?

However, I only recommend these if you spend a significant amount of time in your garage. There’s really no point in this monster setup if you only visit your garage when it’s time for the recycle and garbage.

If you are more cost-conscious or if you simply spend less time in your garage, this is a better option. The illumination power on this baby is ridiculously good! You not only get the 360-degree brightness, but the installation is a breeze! It literally screws on like any other light bulb.

If you think the above hexagon lights for garage are cool, this one is even better (in my opinion of course, just to clarify!). This is not a transformer or a ceiling fan by the way, although I realize it looks a lot like one. It’s just real cool looking, eh?

Hexagon Lights For Gaming

These hexagon lights for gaming are sweet! You can follow the standard setup as everyone else and place them on your wall or a flat surface. But why not set these babies on the sides of your gaming station or even under the desk? Perhaps even on top of your console or the side of your gaming PC.

The truth is, when you start streaming your video games, your sh*t will be hooked up no doubt! Envy will eat your friends alive lol! But that’s ok, it’s just a game, right?

The configuration and touch activation on these gaming hex lights are sick! You can easily and quickly upgrade your mood simply by pausing your game and touching these to spit out a new setting.

It’s truly an affordable way to game!

Yes, these are triangle lights, but if you take a closer look at them, you’ll notice the hexagon shape when you put six of these together. If you’re looking for something a little different and less common, these are a great option.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re gaming in the basement or in a closet, these colorful led triangle lights can make a huge difference.

Hexagon Lights For Ceiling

Looking for better lighting for that room at home? This flush-mount hexagon ceiling light fixture can be an option. Not to mention this could be a great match to your home office space if you have any of the other hexagon lights.

This one is more of a classic look. Great for a master or guest bedroom, would you agree? It’s modern, fresh, but at the same time classic looking and gentle. I feel like these would do really well in hotels!… But you’re probably not shopping around for hotel lights.

One thing that I personally like about this one, is the remote control and the ability to dim and control the lights. I can feel myself going to sleep and not wanting to get up to hit that switch.

Light up that hallway or dining room kitchen with this farmhouse rustic ceiling semi-flush mount fixture… that was a mouthful!

I love lights like this with intricate geometries embedded into their design. And the whole rustic wood look makes it that much appealing, especially if you have an open kitchen or living room floor plan

Hexagon Lights For Bedroom

So we saw a few options above for ceiling lights that can fit well in the bedroom. But what about taking it up a notch? The whole “mood” in the bedroom I mean.

Was today a long day? These hexagon lights can get you started on winding down your day. And all you really have to do is throw yourself on your bed, grab the remote, and set the mood. How does that sound?

You gotta admit, the magnet connectors on these hexagon lights are neat, right? I remember when I received my very first set of hexagon touch light panels with the little magnetic connectors, I wasted several hours in the course of a few weeks, just playing with them! I would rearrange them on my table in all kinds of different shapes and patterns, before deciding where to put them. Point is, those connectors, can be adicting!

It’s like having a lamp on your nightstand! The base on this one makes it practical for having in your bedroom. It works with most of these fancy Ai technology or smart speakers, like Alexa or Google Home… you know, those virtual assistants that we’ve been… well… forced to use lol.

Hexagon Lights For Home Office

I realize this is not a hexagon touch light, but it’s a really nice LED light panel and it looks cool. There are a few features that make this a nice choice for lighting your workspace in your home office. It’s dimmable, has touch control, rotates 180°, and easy to adjust. You can bring the illumination area closer to you without having to move the lamp, just pull the top towards you, and BAM!

I mentioned this before somewhere above, but the reason I like these hex lights so much for my home office, is they have these magnet connectors. Those just make it so easy and fun to rearrange the lights every few days or weeks. Keeps my workspace from becoming dull or boring in my opinion.

Listen, it’s not that these lights will magically make you more productive, but they will help set the mood which in my opinion is the foundation for good productivity.

Ok, so you want the cool stuff eh? Wi-Fi enabled smart LED hexagon lights with a modern base and puzzle-like connectors. I’m with you!

Control the mood right from your phone. These are a bit smaller compared to some of the others, which makes them perfect to sit on your office desk or book shelf. If you love to play with building blocks, if you have enough of these, you can have lots of fun creating different patterns or shapes.

Can hexagon lights make you more productive?

I don’t know about making you more productive, but here’s the thing…

The truth is that most of these hexagon lights can be used in any room or space. I personally love taking time once in a while and find new ideas to make my workspace more efficient and nicer looking. This helps improve not only my productivity but also helps me focus on anything else that I happen to be working on at that time, whether work-related or not. Somehow feeling good in the place I work in makes me, personally, more productive.

I hope that I’ve at least given you some inspiration and ideas to improve your home or workspace. Now let’s talk about some of the most common questions people have before purchasing hexagon lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hexagon touch lights battery-operated?

Most hexagon lights are not battery operated, particularly the touch panel ones and the higher quality ones. Cheaper ones are available that use batteries, and depending on their use, they can also be a great option.

I would just caution to read the reviews thoroughly and factor in the additional expense of buying batteries. I assume the lifespan of the batteries will depend on how often you use the lights and for how long.

Are LED hexagon touch lights wireless?

Most of the higher quality hexagon touch lights will be wireless and most come with either a remote or the option to connect to your mobile device. These naturally tend to be more expensive but provide a practical way to control the lights.

Now, if you’re looking for the ultimate smart, wireless, and voice-controlled lights, check out the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition.

Are Nanoleafs worth it?

Some people have had connectivity issues in getting them up and running. However, once the lights are working properly they are stunning. If you consider yourself a techie, you should be fine. Just know there may be some work and research involved.

What are the best hexagon lights?

  1. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition – works with Alexa, audiovisual light show, dimmable
  2. Luminosia Hexagon Lights – modular touch panels, remote, different color settings
  3. Yescom Smart LED Lights – WiFi Smart LED kit, DIY, connect to smartphone
  4. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit – works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, audiovisual light show, dimmable

How much are led hexagons?

Most hexagon lights vary from around $15.00 to $100 USD, with most in the mid-range. Others, such as the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition, can cost between $200 to $500 USD.

What are those hexagon wall lights called?

Most people refer to hexagon wall lights as hexlights. These can be controlled by touch, a remote, or a mobile device via an app.