Four Kitchen Design Trends For Homeowners

No matter how beautiful or magnificent your home is, the kitchen would always remain its heart, because it remains the center point where you share meals, talk about the day and prepare your meal. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the most ways to improve one’s quality of life is by remodeling his/her kitchen, as that would go a long way to further improve the value of your home.

While you might consider the renovation of your kitchen to be a daunting and complex task, giving way to an expert to carry out the evaluation, costing and executing the work might be your best option to consider. There are a lot of companies out there, both within the U.S and outside offering similar kitchen remodeling and renovation services, installation services with quality products that have guarantees and one which can be trusted. 

Over the years, a lot of homeowners have had to shift their focus from the traditional concepts of setting their kitchens to the modern ones. Since there’s a huge understanding of the importance of the kitchen in a home, more focus has been placed on ensuring that such important part of the home should be top-notch, attractive and conducive for both homeowners and incoming visitors. Just as it is with any other modern design trend, homeowners have resolved to simple and clean styles as their favorites, with incoming natural light as an essential feature of the overall function and look of the kitchen space.

From numerous research works and studies, this article summarizes four trends that can be adapted by homeowners for their kitchen designs; 

Smart Kitchens

Over the years, there has been a lot of technological advancement in the kitchen, and this isn’t just about the appliances and kitchen gadgets. As of today, technology has been incorporated into most kitchen designs, from the different functions to the lighting, the fridge, the faucets, and even the appliances. Overall, this is called a smart kitchen. 

Not known to all, since it is an evolving aspect of kitchen design that has been aimed to change the form and structure of every modern kitchen that is to be built. No doubt most of the kitchen today is built Smart from the scratch. However, older kitchens can still adopt the style and trend by adding smart gadgets, sensors and other devices to ease their convenience.

Some of these add-ons include tech refrigerators that can trigger or alert you when the groceries items in it are run in low, motion Sense-equipped faucets that have been designed to sense the presence of hands underneath and will trigger itself on automatically. How about the gadgets that have been designed to monitor your food? For instance, you can monitor the rate at which your eggs are going bad. With your tablet or smartphones also, you can control all the lights once you update the lighting system of your kitchen. 

Tech integrated kitchens continue to become a rising trend and one which would eventually dominate other kitchen designs and trends in the long run.

Cabinet Colors: Watch as the white colors are being pushed out by the new designs with black

Over time, white cabinets have been proven to have a classic look that can conform to any kind of style or kitchen design, but sadly, their reign won’t be for long anymore. Dark kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, portray a deep rich luxurious atmosphere and full-on elegance that cannot be found in other options that have been in vogue over time. You can’t imagine how they’ll cast your space into a subtle dramatic essence. Although, you must be careful with the selections so it doesn’t take over the room, and in turn making the whole place dark. 

Textures, streamlined designs, and materials 

In spite of the fact that styles like mid-century modern and farmhouse are still very much popular, most homeowners seem to be getting more streamlined in their overall alternative materials, designs and aesthetic for kitchens. You’ll feel better knowing you’re coming home to a stress-free environment and space where you get to sit down and make yourself a good meal. What this really means is simplicity. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be modeled up with complicated designs, you could go for a simple and attractive kitchen design.

One of the growing trends over the last couple of years is the act of removing the upper wall cabinets, as it gives more visual space, making the kitchen appear brighter and larger, and also gives you the chance the make use of the space for more productive stuff. Considering the fact that a lot of people find it difficult to get what is on top of the shelves anyway, it sounds like an effective approach. Open shelves, however, sounds like a better alternative.

Speaking of streamlined, of course, we are looking to make your kitchen boring, only that you should consider materials that have a great texture. 

Ceramic tile is about to hit the limelight

Hardwood flooring has been the most popular floor covering for years now, but most modern homes looking to change their kitchen style and design are opting for the second best option which is ceramic flooring. Technology has made it easier by producing flooring in different varieties of designs, sizes, and styles. For instance, there are varieties of ceramic tile in different colors and patterns that look exactly like the hardwood flooring, so if you’d still prefer the hardwood look, you can always opt for a similar ceramic tile which would be easier to maintain.

You can a uniquely patterned kitchen by using custom cut tiles to give you the actual size of the flooring without having to go for the traditional sizing anymore.

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