Are Fake Plants on Top of Kitchen Cabinets Outdated?

Plants are a vibrant, wonderful addition to your kitchen—whether you are remodeling your kitchen or just aching for a change, adding some greenery is a great way to bring some life to the room. Vegetation is a proven mood booster, regardless of whether it’s real or fake. Still, you might be wondering whether putting plants on top of your cabinets will make your kitchen look outdated. 

Fake plants on top of kitchen cabinets are not outdated. Fake plant production has shifted from gaudy-looking frayed silk leaves to high-quality plastic, waxed paper, and other recycled materials. The top-tier faux plants look as beautiful and realistic as the real ones and require much less upkeep.

Throughout this article, I’ll present you with all the benefits of choosing artificial plants over real ones and offer some great ideas for decorating your kitchen.

The Aesthetics of Fake Plants in Your Kitchen

Set of seven artificial plants in flower pots on a white background

When you hear the words’ fake plants’, you immediately picture the cheap, kitschy-looking imitation ivy in the shade of faded green hanging from so many kitchen cabinets in the ’90s. There was absolutely no way you could have mistaken that low-quality plastic full of dust for the real deal.

Today, fake plant design has changed drastically. From lifelike, organic-looking plants to artistic statement flower pieces, even high-end designers are rediscovering the beauty in this (perhaps purposely) forgotten decorative element.

Technology has come a long way since our granny’s fake vines, and technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to create decorative plants with realistic textures and colors. Some even use foam filling to create a natural tactile quality.

Besides, much of the low-maintenance foliage you would generally pick because of their resilience to harsh kitchen conditions already look plasticky (the best example of this being succulents), so fake plants are an even better option than you might think.

Some Ideas For Artificial Plants For Your Kitchen!

The Advantages of Fake Plants in the Home

Perhaps you travel frequently, work a lot, or are rarely home. If so, you probably don’t have the time to take care of your plants. However, you may still want a luscious forest in your home. 

Maybe you simply don’t have the green thumb, and somehow, you keep managing to kill even your cacti. Whatever the reason might be for your aversion to real plants, here is why artificial greens are the perfect choice for you:

  • They are low-maintenance and require almost no upkeep. Except for a regular dusting and a wash, they don’t need to be taken care of, watered, or trimmed. After you buy these plastic beauties, you will never find fallen, dried-up leaves in your bechamel.
  • They are safe for your family and pets. Some plants are toxic to you and your cats and dogs, so a lot of careful research has to be done before deciding what to buy. The only decision you need to make with artificial ones is whether they are pretty enough for you.
  • Fake plants are resilient. Unlike their natural counterparts, the heat or moisture from cooking means practically nothing to fake plants. The plants won’t sustain damage, meaning you won’t have to throw them away every so often and replace them with new ones.
  • They don’t require natural light. Most plants cannot survive in a room without a lot of windows because they need sunlight to allow them to perform photosynthesis. Once again, this poses no problem for synthetic botanicals. Quite the opposite—too much light can affect the color of leaves if they are made of lower-quality polyester.
  • Artificial plants are a perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies. Since they don’t blossom and don’t produce any pollen, they are the solution to all your allergy problems. They don’t attract bugs, so you don’t have to worry about a bee in your bonnet.
  • Ultimately, they are less of a financial strain. Although investing in high-quality faux vegetation might seem like a costly game initially, it will pay off in the long run. A beautiful, quality-made plant will stay gorgeous for years, and you never have to worry about killing them. Some of them can also be actual art pieces, so you’ll get a two for one.
  • You can get them from anywhere, for anywhere, as they aren’t affected by climate conditions. It doesn’t matter where you live and what climate your preferred verdure thrives in; if you buy plastic, it will look healthy! There are also so many shops online that offer a symphony of diverse looks and colors; you’ll be sure to find the one for you, and it can be delivered right to your doorstep.

How To Decorate Using Fake Plants

When styling your kitchen with artificial greenery, remember that they affect more than just aesthetics. Plants also invoke the spirit of peacefulness and drastically reduce stress and anxiety levels, making them beneficial to you, your family, and your friends.

Perhaps you are trying to bring harmony and elegance to your kitchen or make a private little jungle. Either way, here are some tips for your kitchen decorating:

  • Re-pot your plants. Ditch the plastic pots they came in and use a fun, colorful planter or a wicker basket instead.
  • Mix and match. When styling a bouquet, feel free to mix and match with real flowers and leaves. They will keep the arrangement looking fresh and seasonal.
  • Buy acrylic water in craft shops. This will give the flowers in your vase an even more realistic look.
  • Color coordinate. If you’re going for a stylish, elegant look, try matching the color of your pots to the color of your kitchen design elements.
  • Dark green faux plants look best when combined with light cabinets and walls. They are also a terrific accent on a plain wall in a single color.
  • While decorating, consider the size. Big plants will look great in a large kitchen, but in a small one, they will make the space feel claustrophobic and crowded.
  • If you have a small kitchen, forget the hanging ivy. The hanging leaves will make your ceiling visually lower, and they might get stuck in your cabinets when you open and close them.
  • Get creative. If you want to add a measure of charm and quirkiness, use old pots and pans instead of planters. You can also get your kids to paint some used cans and bring childlike energy to the space.
  • Buy a collection of fake herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil, and chives. Place them on your overhead cabinet and cover them with a glass cloche. It will look like an actual herb garden is growing above your head.

While it’s hard to get over the stigma of worn-out, faded tragedies we see clearly in our heads when we think about fake plants, keeping an open mind is essential.

In the end, don’t forget the most important thing; with permanent botanicals, there are no limits and no restrictions. The only guideline should be your imagination because even a fake plant, when styled right, can look as organic as the real thing.


Your faux greenery can offer you a lot of freedom in your free time management; they eliminate the extensive care and attention you would need to give genuine plants. 

You can take a vacation without having to relinquish your spare key and give it to your nosy neighbor to water your plants. Also, forget about sneezing and watery eyes – fake plants bring long-awaited relief to allergy sufferers without compromising your sense of aesthetics.

Remember to clean your fake plants regularly to make sure there aren’t deposits of dust on them.