Best Kitchen Knives Under $50 BUT Still Quality Set!

Top 3 Sets Available on Amazon!

Knives are 100% an essential item of any kitchen around the world! Finding a good set of affordable kitchen knives can be a challenging task. Sometimes, it seems that the only options you have are high-end knives that cost an arm and a leg and seem to do the job on their own. However, most home cooks don’t need such knives, and you can get away with spending no more than $50 on a great set of knives. 

The best affordable knife set overall is the Wanbasion Marbling. The most durable is the Keenair, while the most bang for the buck is the Marco Almond. 

Read on to learn more about the best kitchen knives for under $50. You’ll soon be able to provide an excellent budget addition for your kitchen, allowing you to cook professional-grade meals. 

The Best Overall: Wanbasion Marbling Kitchen Knife

The Wanbasion Marbling Kitchen Knife offers the best ratio of quality and price. For about $30, you’ll get a durable knife set that is razor-sharp and stays sharp. This knife set will cover all your basic cutting needs and allow you to quickly and efficiently cut up all the ingredients you might need for your cooking. 

The set includes the following components:

  • A chef knife.
  • A bread knife.
  • A paring knife.
  • A utility knife.
  • A carving knife.
  • An attractive knife block.
  • A sharpener.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this knife set:


  • Affordable. This knife set is priced at around $30, making it extremely affordable, especially compared to what you get for that money. This knife set drastically outperforms its price range, and it is highly unlikely that you’ll be dissatisfied with it. 
  • Looks great. Finding a better-looking knife set would be arduous. What really makes it stand out aesthetically is its gorgeous knife block. It’s wooden, but is covered with a rubber coating designed to look like marble. This makes it very stylish and it will fit in well in any kitchen, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The knives are also very sleek, especially the black version. 
  • Lightweight. Despite how sturdy they are, the knives are quite lightweight. This allows you to slice through things with ease even if you don’t have the strongest arms. And even if you don’t lack strength in your arms, getting less tired while chopping is a great perk. 
  • Comfortable handle. The handle is ergonomically designed, making it very comfortable and easy to hold. This will make the cutting even easier and much more pleasurable. 
  • Sharp. These knives are extremely sharp. They will cut through anything without a problem, be it vegetables, bread, or meat. This makes the knife set very versatile and suitable for all your cutting needs. 
  • Comes with a sharpener. The sharpener that comes with the knife set is super useful and will help you maintain the sharpness of your knives. It might not be a top-end piece of equipment, but it will get the job done pretty well, especially for a home cook.
  • Scratch-resistant. The knives are coated in titanium, which makes them scratch-resistant. They are also resistant to rust, which greatly increases their durability, allowing you to use them for years and years. 


  • Only five knives in the set. Even though the knives in this set are all amazing, there are only five. If you’re looking to dial in your cutting to perfection, and demand a separate knife for every cutting job, this set might not be for you. 
  • No scissors. Scissors are another thing this set lacks. Knife sets usually come with a pair, since they’re a useful tool for cutting chicken and similar types of meat, but if you need them, you’ll have to buy them separately. 
  • No steak knife. If you’re a steak lover and want to have a dedicated knife for cutting steak, you might not be a fan of this set. There is no steak knife included, but the job can be done with another knife from the set. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference. 

The Most Durable: Keenair Kitchen Knife

The Keenair Kitchen Knife takes the cake when it comes to durability. The knife set is made of German steel, which is always a sign of durability and reliability. It is also very versatile, containing many different components, including kitchen shears with a knife cracker and a sharpener. 

Let’s examine its characteristics more closely.


  • High-quality material. These knives are made from German stainless steel, which ensures that they will last a long time and perform really well down the line. You’ll find it very hard to damage them, so they’re a great investment, and perform as well as much more expensive knives.
  • Very versatile. The set includes many different knives, so it will cover pretty much all cutting tasks. There’s also a great sharpener, and the shears even include a nutcracker, so the set can be used for more than just cutting. 
  • Good-looking. The design of the knives and the block is very attractive and stylish with its warm red-brown color. It will be a nice addition to your kitchen, particularly if it’s already done up in similar warm colors. 
  • Very sharp. You won’t have any problems with these knives regarding sharpness. They come sharp and stay sharp for a long time. You’ll be able to cut through even the toughest pieces of meat with ease. 


  • Small block. The block that comes with the set is relatively small and can be a bit unstable. Some customers have reported problems with this, so you’ll have to be careful when pulling a knife from the block so you don’t allow it to fall over accidentally.

The Best Bang for the Buck: Marco Almond Kitchen Knife 

The Marco Almond knife set takes the cake when it comes to the aesthetics of design. The blades are coated in titanium with a beautiful rainbow finish, and the block is transparent, which is a brilliant combination. The set offers a lot in terms of knife types, so it’s very versatile, and you get a lot for less than $50. 

Let’s take a look at what this knife set can offer.


  • Beautiful design. What makes this knife set stand out most is the wonderful design. The blades have a rainbow coating that looks amazing, doesn’t go away, and draws many new buyers every day. If you’re looking for great looks coupled with a great performance, this is the knife set for you.
  • Very sharp. The knives are also sharp. They cut through almost anything like butter, and you’ll have a very easy time when preparing your home-cooked meals. You might have to sharpen them more often than the other knives on this list, but that shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Very versatile. The knife set includes many different knives. There are actually three versions of the set; with 12 knives, 15 knives, and 17 knives. This means that you’ll fulfill pretty much any cutting need you have in your kitchen. 


  • Water spots. The knives tend to get stubborn water spots, especially when washed in a dishwasher. To avoid this, you should wash them by hand and towel-dry them immediately. Some customers have seen this as a drag, but it will only take up a few minutes of your time.
  • May rust. The knives may rust if left wet for too long. This doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen occasionally, so you’ll have to dry them thoroughly before leaving them aside. This is the biggest flaw this knife set has, as rust is quite unexpected in this price range. 
  • Customer support. Some customers have complained about the ineffective customer support offered by the company. If you run into any problems, be prepared for that, and arm yourself with patience. 


A good kitchen knife is a crucial part of the kitchen. The set that offers you the best ratio of price and quality is the Wanbasion Marbling. The most durable is the one by Keenair, and Marco Almond may provide the best bang for your buck.