Hey there, we're the team behind Mastering Kitchens

Yes, there is a team behind this website 🙂 and we’re human just like you! So let’s talk more about who we are, who am I (the one writing), and why this website exists at all, how about that?


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Who am I?

I’m Rod (i.e. Rodrigo) and that’s my wife and I many years ago. You can see our oldest son to the left there. We were in Walt Disney World Florida.

So yes, I’m the one writing all this here today and if you’re still curious, let me tell you how this site was born.

Why this website exists?

Honestly, the main reason any of our websites exist boils down to one fact – that I personally love writing. I’m naturally a shy person and so writing and reading are just things I enjoy, a lot! Whether I’m a good writer or not, is an entirely different story 🙂

You said websites?..as in plural?

Yes, we actually have several sites, but we’ll come back to that in a minute.

So as I was saying, I love writing. But I only enjoy writing about things that I care about, or have a particular interest in, or personal experience with.

And that’s how this site was born.

Who is this website for?

This site is for homeowners who are planning to remodel their kitchen and are looking for inspiration, new ideas, trends, or suggestions in terms of design, layout, decor, etc. It was designed to be used as both, a reference and a resource.

Why only kitchens?

This goes back to what I said in the beginning (i.e. “…I only enjoy writing about things I care about…“). There are two main reasons for this;

  1. This is a topic that is close to me and our team. We all have experience in the construction and design industry, in both commercial and residential sector.
  2. Because I wanted to keep things organized for readers and NOT confuse them by also talking about attics, bathrooms, or garages.

Make sense?

My hope was to create a painless user experience and not an overwhelming one. If you’re looking for topics and ideas about kitchen design and construction, this is the place! Do you think we’ve achieved this? I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or constructive criticism.

Transparency is important to me

So why go through the trouble of creating this website? What do you get out of it? Both excellent questions; let me address them.

As the subheading clearly states, transparency is very important to me. The truth is that most of my blogs started as a way for me to express myself and really do something that I love doing – writing. But I also knew that once traffic started to come, I could eventually make some money from ads and affiliate marketing, This was very enticing to an introvert like me for obvious reasons.

So as of today – October 2019 – this site doesn’t generate much income, only a couple of dollars a month, if that. So my goal is for us to continue adding great content to the site, continue to improve its design, and slowly grow traffic and readership. Eventually I hope to also build a small community around it.

About our small team

You met them right? Yeap, that’s us up there in the photos. Giuliana, my wife of 20+ years, and Nelson, a good friend of mine for over 15 years. Nelson, Yuli, and I, have actually worked for several companies together, that’s actually how Nelson and I met back around 2005.

Do we have other websites?

We do, several others. Again, I like to keep things organized, and so I did not want to create a website about everything! That would be too confusing. So I started a different website for each topic in which I’m interested in. Maybe some day you’ll naturally come across one them.

I should also mention that operating and running these websites are not by any means our full time jobs or income. That comes from running our digital marketing agency, but this is not for self-promotion, so I won’t tell you the name.

Future plans for this website?

Honestly, all of us love writing and talking about these topics, so we’ll continue to create content in the foreseeable future. Specially if traffic starts to grow!

Which reminds me…

Would you be interested in giving us a little motivation? It would mean a lot to us if you could share this site with any of your friends or family on social media. Alternatively, you can sign up for our super friendly email list below.

Thanks again for stopping by and for reading this far. Be sure to come back, we’re constantly updating and making our site better.

See you soon.