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Kitchen Decorations

Minimalist kitchen chef decorations that will fit any style and chef's kitchen decor. Small things can have a big impact!

Open Kitchen Design

How will your next party be perceived? Discover the different options for open kitchen designs with living room!

Hexagon Lights

Maintain your competitive edge over your neighbors with these hexagon lights to decorate any room or space at home.

a sad woman sitting on a ladder holding her forehead for making a remodel mistake

Kitchen Remodel Mistakes

These will drive you crazy! Here are 7 kitchen remodeling mistakes you must avoid.

a modern kitchen at an angle looking into the window and blinds

Best Blinds for Kitchen

Choosing the right kind of blinds for your kitchen is not a straightforward process. Here are the top 6.

Best Ceiling Lights

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then you understand the importance of good lighting for visibility and safety.

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different patterns of hexagon touch lights
Have you tried these beautiful modern hexagonal lights? Change the mood of your kitchen in an instant with a soft touch!

Are you planning to remodel or upgrade your kitchen this year? We simply love everything to do with kitchen design, remodeling, complete renovations, minor improvements, upgrades, kitchen decorations and decor (not the same thing by the way), etc. That’s what this website is about. We just want to share our knowledge and experience with homeowners who are interested in such information for their own projects. You can find more information on our About page.

We want to make the process and experience of renovating your kitchen a practical one. For instance how to open up your kitchen into the living room space? Or the best way to add some beautiful lights to your kitchen? Or for instance the most popular kitchen remodel trends in 2019?

We want to cover it all! So we invite you to visit us often for new inspiration.

A Team Effort

For now we are a team of three. We all have an extensive background and hands-on experience in the home improvement area. We’ve all worked in the kitchen & bathroom design space, including remodeling, cabinetry, flooring, countertop manufacturing, and yes, even sales!

Industry Experts From Around The World

We also know and connect with a lot of different experts in this industry, both locally here in Washington DC (by the way we have some beautiful places to visit here and fun family things to do) as well as other places around the world. I’m still amazed at how large the kitchen remodeling and design industry is!

Our objective here is to cover and share all kinds of topics around kitchen design. We plan to invite a lot of those experts we know to also share their thoughts and top tips with our readers.

We have a lot of useful, practical and insightful information and experiences we’ve collected over the years and we hope they can help others carry out successful kitchen remodeling or renovation projects at home. I personally have a lot of experience with design software such as AutoCad, SketchUp, and 20/20. I’ll enjoy sharing tips on those in the future as well!

Kitchen Design & Remodeling Blog

Our goal here is to share ideas, tips, give you inspiration, help you plan kitchen projects and much more, so be sure to regularly visit our kitchen design and remodeling blog. Aside from our personal industry experience, we also collect and share experiences from other kitchen designers, relevant service providers, and other experts from around the world as mentioned above.

Remodeling kitchens is one of the most common projects for homeowners around the world. Most likely due to the amount of time we all tend to spend there, right? There is a lot of planning, researching and creative-thinking that must take place. We want to be part of that journey with you.

Have questions for us or want to share your experiences with kitchen renovations? Awesome! We’d love to hear about them.

Beautiful kitchen designs to admire

I bet you love looking at kitchen photos that help you define your own space. We do too! So one of the things we want to do, depending on time of course, is to comb the internet for great kitchen designs and bring them to you. Check out our blog.

Excited to get started!

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